We are the people behind the products

We exist to redefine what amputees think is possible.

Our Philosophy

ESP is a family-owned company that creates prosthetic devices for those who value quality of life above all else.

We believe that all human beings are filled with potential and greatness. What defines us as individuals is not social status or the perceptions of others, but the obstacles we all overcome along our journey.

Every morning we come to work to empower amputees to dream just a little bigger, a little brighter.

It’s not just about moving again. It’s about wanting to go further than you ever have. Believing that your best days still have yet to come.

We’re here to change what you think is possible.

We aren’t afraid to stand against the status quo in this industry, even if that means we often stand alone.
Everyone deserves to realize their full potential—regardless of income level or social status.
We do things the right way every time and never cut corners to fatten profits.
Great solutions are born from empathy, and empathy only grows when rooted in sincere compassion.

Since 1996, ESP has been disrupting the industry with thoughtful, user-centric design to give amputees the best fit they’ve ever had with their prosthetics—no compromises. All our parts and products are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA because we never sacrifice user outcomes to pad our margins.

Unquestionable, transformative quality without exception—this is the standard we hold ourselves to.

Michael Haberman
Executive vice president
Lisa Hallock
operations manager
Patricia Brady
Office Manager
Bob Ashworth
Production manager
Lou Haberman
CPO/LPO, Founder
"The value of a human being is not determined by their successes, but by the obstacles they were able to overcome."
Michael Haberman