Distal End Pads

Distal End Pads

ESP Distal End Pads are made of pure, soft silicone gel. They are designed to provide added distal cushioning and support when worn inside a gel liner. Available in 9 sizes.

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Distal End Pads

Our Distal End Pads allow the user to preserve their liner for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency that replacements are necessary. Breakdowns can occur inside of the liner, generally at the distal end.  These pads prevent that from happening, saving the end user the money of a full liner replacement.

If a user has breakdown inside of their liner, or a bonelike protrusion/callous/sharp hair on the limb, the distal end pad will protect the liner therefore prolonging it.

Distal End Pads can be used with any liner.

SKU Codes for the Distal End Pads vary according to size. For example:

  • “ESP-DP1” = SIlicone Gel Distal End Pad, Size 1, 3.5” Diameter
  • “ESP-DPM” = Silicone Gel Distal End Pad, Size Medium
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Distal End Pads