Secure Ring System

Secure Ring System

The ESP Secure-Ring System (SRS)® is a prosthetic suspension aid that enhances security of the prosthetic socket. It is easily and quickly installed onto most prosthetic liners to improve suction and/or mechanical suspension and reduce pistoning and rotation. Bonding Adhesive included.

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Secure Ring System

If you are experiencing loss of suction in your socket, or have large gapping areas inside which cause air to escape, the SRS is the perfect solution for you!

The SRS is built to handle the daily changes that a body naturally experiences as we live our lives. If the patient has too much salt, for example, their limb could shrink in size, causing a loose feeling in the socket. The SRS would prevent changes like that from impacting the integrity of the prosthesis, keeping it fully secure.

SKU Codes for the SRS vary based on thickness and size. For example:

  • 2 mm thick, size D SRS = “ESP-SRS-2D”.
  • A 4 mm thick, size A SRS = “ESP-SRS-4A”.
  • The “ESP-SRS-” are default.  The thickness and size would then be added.

One tube of ESP silicone adhesive is included with every SRS.

ESP gel silicone accessory

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Secure Ring System