Silicone Gel Horseshoe

Silicone Gel Horseshoe

ESP Silicone Gel Horseshoes are made of pure, soft silicone gel. These horseshoes may be used inside a gel liner on any area requiring added cushioning, compression or relief secondary to irregularities in limb shape or volumetric changes.

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Silicone Gel Horseshoe

The Silicone Gel Horseshoe gives users greater comfort inside of the liner or socket. Prefabbed liners are not always a perfect fit—these horseshoes can help a great deal.

This Horseshoe can be placed anywhere the user desires.  Since it is composed of silicone, just like our liners, the tactifying nature of silicone allows it to “stick” without using adhesive.  The user can place these in trouble spots that are causing them issues.

If the user has a truly unique distal end, like a serious bony protrusion, the horseshoe gel accessory can wrap around that problem spot while still providing the issue spot with relief from pressure(s).

Can be used with any liner.

SKU Codes for the Silicone Gel Horseshoe vary according to size and thickness. For example:

  • “ESP-4HS” = SIlicone Gel Horseshoe, 4mm thick, 2.5” x 2.5”
  • “ESP-4HS2” = Silicone Gel Horseshoe, 4mm thick, 4” x 4”
ESP gel silicone accessory

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