The FlexiKids Suspension Sleeve is a comfortable, durable and cost effective alternative to straight suspension sleeves for small patients. This sleeve provides a secure connection of the prosthesis to the limb and is shaped to allow for natural, unrestricted movement.


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The FlexiKids Sleeve is perfect for active youngsters with a BK amputation who need a balance of both durability and comfort. With its textured interior and pre-flexed design, this sleeve can revolutionize the quality of life for pediatric users.

SKU Codes for the FlexiKids Suspension Sleeve vary based on size and color. For example:

  • A pink, small (child) knee sleeve = “KS-ESP-S-P”
  • The “KS-ESP-” is always the standard and then the last two slots are filled in depending on the size and color

FlexiKids™ Sleeve Key Features:

  • Comfort and Durability for the Active Youngster
  • 1/8″ Thickness
  • Available in Chocolate Brown, Tan or Black
  • Preflexed at 43°
  • Maximizes comfort and mobility for all activity levels
  • Reduces potential breakdown of sleeve at trimline
  • Textured Interior
  • Provides secure grip
  • Latex-Free Neoprene
  • Highest quality material is specially coated to resist cracking or crumbling
  • Heavy Duty
  • Strong and durable with excellent stretch for ease of donning/doffing
  • Custom Sizes Available


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