SealTite Suspension Sleeve

SealTite Suspension Sleeve

The ESP Seal-Tite™ Suspension Sleeve provides a comfortable, secure suspension for both vacuum and standard suction prostheses. The soft, flexible gel conforms nicely to the limb and features a reinforcement layer in area of socket trim to reduce wear. Smooth, soft outer fabric facilitates donning and does not hang up on clothing.


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SealTite Suspension Sleeve

The SealTite Suspension Sleeve allows the user to keep their prosthesis on while holding suction. It is designed for patients using a vacuum system of suspension.

SKU Codes for the SealTite Sleeve vary based on sizes and colors.  For example:

  • A tan knee sleeve, size A would be “ST-A-T”
  • A black knee sleeve, size F would be “ST-F-B”
  • The “ST-” are default standard and then the size and color follow afterwards.

The SealTite Suspension Sleeve can be used in conjunction with our EVA valve, as well as our SealPro TT/TF and SealPro liners.  It could actually be used in any other forms of suspension (locking or suction) but was designed to handle the tolerances of a vacuum.

Clinical Application

  • Use with vacuum systems and standard suction
  • Soft, flexible gel
  • Reinforced to prevent wear in area of socket trim-line
  • Some sizes tapered for air tight fit distally
  • 6 sizes
  • 2 Colors [black & tan]
  • Washable

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SealTite Suspension Sleeve