SealPro TT Liner

SealPro TT Liner

Made of soft, durable silicone, the SealPro TT Liner is a perfect solution for transtibial amputees with passive suction sockets, shuttle lock systems, or high vacuum systems. The SealPro TT allows wearers with high activity levels to function at full capacity, giving enhanced durability along with excellent comfort.

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SealPro TT Liner

  • Pre-Flexed at 45° for comfort and unrestricted range of motion
  • Locking & Non-Locking available with or without fabric (Flexible Shuttle Umbrella in Locking)
  • Soft and durable pure silicone
  • 4mm thick silicone (6mm Throughout in Covered Area)
  • Available in both original fabric as well as our new fabric with a built-In matrix that prevents pistoning
  • Customized outer fabric length

Clinical Application:

  • High Vacuum Sockets
  • Standard Suction Sockets
  • Patients requiring extra proximal circumferential stretch
  • Shuttle Lock Suspension
  • All Activity Levels: K1-K4

Transtibial prosthetic liner sizing chart

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SealPro TT Liner