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ESP Socket Valves

ESP socket valves are known industry-wide for their consistency and dependability. Other manufacturers claim the same, but ultimately they can never compare to an ESP valve.

Imitators love to cut costs by outsourcing their manufacturing to China or using 3D printing or injection molding, but those methods often lead to inconsistencies and flaws. If there is even a single micro-bubble in the 3D printed or injection molded valve, the valve can break into pieces.

We do things the right way.

We machine every single valve right here in the US, despite the increased cost of doing so, and test each valve individually prior to shipping—all while keeping prices below the industry average.

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Our Best Seller:

Lyn Valve RVA (Auto-Expulsion)

The Lyn Valve RVA is our flagship valve and the perennial top seller. The RVA is a highly dependable valve designed for AK patients of all activity levels that want superior support, dependability, and durability.

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